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GB Software has developed and tested computer software capable of reliably scoring computer-readable transcriptions of verbal (speech) samples on the following Gottschalk-Gleser Content Analysis Scales:

Brief definitions of the scales

The program assigns scores on the user-selected Scales to each clause in the input sample. At the user’s option, it also reports score summaries for each scored Scale with comparisons to established norms for the subject’s demographic group.

Norms for the Gottschalk-Gleser scales

PCAD also provides an explanation of the significance and clinical implications of the derived scores, a summary of the strengths and limitations of this content analysis method, and possible clinical diagnostic classifications (derived from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV), developed by the American Psychiatric Association) that the user might consider.

Sample output from PCAD

To use PCAD, it is necessary to collect verbal samples and transcribe them into machine-readable form in a format that is usable by the program.

Collecting samples for scoring

Preparing collected samples for input to PCAD

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