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Preparing Samples

Historically, most samples to be scored using the Gottschalk-Gleser method have been written transcriptions of spoken verbal behavior, captured originally on audio recording tape. Over the years, a number of standard practices have developed to ensure that the transcription process is accurate and complete. With the introduction of computerized scoring techniques, additional requirements have been placed on the input format to avoid incorrect interpretation by the computer software. The suggestions and requirements provided in this section apply to the machine-readable text provided as input to PCAD, regardless of whether that text originated as spoken or written. Careful review of this section, and thoughtful application of its guidance will result in fewer difficulties in use of PCAD, and fewer anomalous results.

Suggestions for transcribing recorded verbal samples to written form

Dividing the sample into scorable units

Providing information about the subject

Putting multiple samples into a single file

Handling "special material" in samples

Other guidelines for sample preparation

Saving the sample as a file

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