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Scoring Norms

For most of the Gottschalk-Gleser content analysis scales, norms are available for English-speaking children and adults, which may be useful in many clinical and research studies (Gottschalk, 1976, 1982, 1995; Gottschalk & Gleser, 1969). Reliability and validity research using the Gottschalk-Gleser method of content analysis has been published on the following content analysis scales: Anxiety [and six subscales] (Gottschalk, Springer, & Gleser, 1961; Gleser, Gottschalk, & Springer, 1963, Gottschalk & Gleser, 1969), Hostility Outward [and two subscales] (Gottschalk, Gleser, & Springer, 1963; Gottschalk & Gleser, 1969), Hostility Inward, Ambivalent Hostility, Social Alienation-Personal Disorganization (Gottschalk & Gleser, 1969; Gottschalk, Gleser, & Springer, 1963), Cognitive Impairment (Gottschalk, Eckardt & Feldman, 1979; Gottschalk, Eckardt, Pautler, Wolf & Terman, 1983; Gottschalk, Swanson, Hoigaard-Martin, Gilbert, & Fiore, 1984; Gottschalk & Cohn, 1980; Gottschalk, 1995), Depression [and seven subscales] (Gottschalk & Hoigaard, 1986, and Hope (Gottschalk, 1974).

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