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Note: GB Software does not endorse the information, tools, or services offered by any of the linked sites. The links are provided in hopes that they will be useful to those interested in content analysis.

Content Analysis Tools

The Dresden Anxiety Dictionary is a computer-based system for scoring German language samples on the Gottschalk-Gleser Anxiety Scales. It is the work of Hendrik Berth of the Technical University of Dresden.

Harald Klein has a comprehensive Text Analysis Info Page.

Matthias Romppel continues to provide a page of resources related to content analysis and text analysis.

Transcription Tools

SoundScriber is a freeware program for Windows which aids in transcription of digitized sound files. Besides normal playback features such as those offered by the accessory Media Player (Play, FF, Rew, Pause), it also includes features specifically for transcription.

VoiceWalker from the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is also for Windows.

Express Scribe Transcription Playback Software from NCH Software is a free tool for the PC, Mac, or Linux. NCH also offers other tools with a wider range of capabilities.

Transcription Services



GMR Transcription

Transcription Institute

Verbal Fusion Transcription Services

Alphabet Secretarial